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Interfaces: A Journal of Medieval European Literatures

New issue of Interfaces. A Journal of Medieval European Literatures just published! On "The Theory and Phenomenology of Love," ranging from Persia (and even India) to Iceland.


Table of contents

  1. Paolo Borsa, Christian Høgel, Lars Boje Mortensen, Elizabeth M. Tyler, Introduction to 'Interfaces' 2
  2. Lorenzo Livorsi, 'Laudantes Elegi:' Ovid’s Exile and the Metamorphoses of Praise, Friendship, and Love in Late Latin Poetry
  3. Fabrizia Baldissera, Ways of Presenting Love in Ancient Sanskrit Literature
  4. Cameron Cross, The Many Colors of Love in Niẓāmī's 'Haft Paykar:' Beyond the Spectrum
  5. Elisabetta Bartoli, 'Maria natare, montes transire.' L'amore nei modelli epistolari latini del XII secolo
  6. Thomas Hinton , Troubadour Biographies and the Value of Authentic Love: Daude de Pradas and Uc de Saint Circ
  7. Giovanna Perrotta, "C’est costume d’amur de joie aveir aprés dolur." La fenomenologia amorosa in alcuni passi del 'Tristan' e del 'Cligés'
  8. Aðalheiður Guðmundsdóttir, "How Do You Know If It Is Love or Lust?" On Gender, Status, and Violence in Old Norse Literature
  9. Efthymia Priki, Teaching Eros: The Rhetoric of Love in the 'Tale of Livistros and Rodamne,' the 'Roman de la Rose,' and the 'Hypnerotomachia Poliphili'
04 May 2017
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